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Self-Service Procedures for Taking Stock

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Taking Stock In Home sales and Supermarkets


   1. Make it easy for managers to prepare a stock-taking by both
   2. Maintain the smooth stock-taking


   1. Manager and relevant staff responsible for the implementation of stock-taking
   2. Taking stock of all participants to follow the general rules that have been determined
   3. Manager shall prepare two weeks prior to the stock-taking
   4. The cost of stock-taking has been budgeted

Preparation Operations Manager

   1. Manager told by an official letter to
         1. Director
         2. The manager for the regulation of stock-taking palaksanaan
         3. Lawyer to prepare the data entry-entrian
   2. Operations manager with stock-taking coordinator prepares
         1. Lay out stock-taking one week prior to the
         2. Make sure everything has a price / barcode,
   3. Make sure the software works well stock-taking
   4. Store Manager with the supervisor to make returns / credit note and if the letter could not be created for the destruction of damaged goods.
   5. Prior to the implementation of a computer set up stock-taking cashier and the other for the data entry can be

Preparation of Shop Supervisor in charge of stock-taking

   A. Administrative

1. Make sure the invoice at the warehouse have nothing left
2. Make sure there are no returns invoice / credit note (CN) between branches
3. Make sure all the damaged goods are destroyed and the input / entry into the computer
4. Make sure items are inputted to the use of computer shop

B. Preparation of the report 5 days prior to the

1. Has the administration of the report is complete and paid to the finance and accounting, total store sales and stock position.
2. Have any balance of purchase with the sale
3. Ensure inter-branch transfer of goods is not problematic.

C. Control preparation 1 day prior to the implementation

1. Explanation of the organizational structure of stock-taking
2. Provide a description of procedures for stock-taking
3. Stock stores and warehouses had to be trimmed and coded items. Warehouse stock should be calculated before the day of the stock of hospitalization.
4. Separate the damaged goods stock (TF) and the return of goods already on the supplier but still in the warehouse.
5. Ceck entire area of ​​shops and warehouses, make sure it is there and according to the position of price card / item code with the items to be counted.
6. Collect the items in places other than the warehouse in one place
7. Special items have been spruced up small items (batteries, cigarettes, toothbrushes, cosmetics, stationery etc).
8. Make sure all Shelving racks in the middle / top of the carpet in the store and warehouse shelves has a number corresponding to the grouping / Group.
For example, Group A, B, C, D and so on. No Rak A001, A002, B002, B003. C001 and so on.
9. Make sure dftar goods on the shelf is in accordance with each item on the shelf.
10. Calculator and a computer prepared for the computations needed.
11. Most stock-taking of participants consumption
12. Stock-taking of attendance of participants

D. Preparation Accounting CUT OFF stores the data in 3 days prior to the

1. Check the guest book and register invoices
All incoming goods are registered in the guest books, invoices and all the evidence already in the input / entry.
2. Check the book on the pending invoice finance and accounting
3. Check back and ask for the receipt of goods MD is no more invoices and guest book are not in the input / entry.
4. Check the certainty of the use of goods to shops and offices
5. Check the certainty of damaged goods (BS) and mutation of goods

E. Taking STOCK regulations

1. Hours Implementation
At 06.00 s / d is complete (after completion of the new store opens)
2. Participants taking stock

All employees of local shops and other branches

a. Executing: Team
b. Companion: Employees of local shops
c. Recheker: Employees other branch stores
d. Cut Off data: Accounting Administration assisted stores
e. Coordinator: Accounting Supervisor
f. Responsible for: Operations Manager

3. The number of participants depending on the area of ​​shops and agreements
4. The cost of stock-taking. The value we gave incentives according to company policy
5. Determination of the day of the stock-taking
6. Implementation of stock-taking
  • a. Briefing by the coordinator stock-taking
  • b. Motivation briefing by operations manager
7. Installation of the announcement of stock-taking

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