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Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of Supply Chain Management

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Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
SOP in Logistics:
- SOP for Receiving Goods 
- SOP Put Away 
- SOP Picking 
- SOP Return 
- SOP Delivery
- Take Stock SOP 

In an SOP should contain the following :
1. Definition 
2. Goal 
3. Type of activity
4. Related Sections 
5. Reference 
7. Major changes from previous version

Explain why these activities are held and why there should be SOP for implementation arrangements. Examples of SOP Acceptance of goods:"Goods Receiving is the activity of receipt of goods from local and imported into the warehouse and then do the activity center for the put away (PA)"
2. Goal
What is the purpose of activities carried out so that employees can find out why he did the job.Examples of SOP Picking:"Picking done to prepare the goods and the allocation of orders from consumers to distributors / branches according to the Picking list printed"
3. Types of Activities
How many types of activities relating to the SOP
 Examples of SOP Acceptance of goods:"Taking the goods of the principal Receiving goods from principal "
4. Related Sections
In applying these SOP, in order to obtain maximum results, the necessary cooperation between divisions. Necessary to explain any part that should come to read and implement SOP.Examples of SOP Picking: 
• Admin staff
• W / H Team Leader 
• Warehouseman
References required if the company has certain standards in the conduct of the job. For example, ISO 9001 or GDP or GMP.Example: 
• Reference ISO 9001:2008 QM 3:13
• References GDP Clause 17
6. Process
This is the core of the SOP. In the process described in detail how the process started, executed and terminated. If necessary this process can be associated with other SOP or equipped with Working Instruction.
7. Major changes from previous version
If there are previous SOP, then it should be listed the changes implemented at what point and why they will be revamped.

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