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Method of arranging pallets in the warehouse

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Companies often used as a tool palettes in a warehouse arrangement. There are several ways the arrangement of pallets for storage of products can be effectively done. Here are some common ways palette arrangement made ​​at the company

Block Stacking
 Block Stacking refers to the product unit stacked towards the top and stored in a row into a row or block. Pallets stacked with a certain height based on criteria such as the condition of pallets, including product weight, height permitted forklift and warehouse capabilities. Pallets are stored in this method can be taken with LIFO (Last In First Out). This method does not allow for pickup by the ordering date or FIFO method. Retrieving items can cause "honeycombing" where there are vacancies that can not be filled until the entire lane is empty. This method is not costly because it does not require a shelf and can be done in various types of warehouse with vast open land.

Stacking Frame
Stacks of pallets with frames made ​​from the deck and milestones that can be installed and moved if necessary. A stack of framed allows pallets to be stacked with a certain height and are especially useful when the pallets must be stored without having stacked. Many companies use a stack of framed at a time when they need the shelf while in times of increased demand. With the use of stack frames, the incidence of "honeycombing" also can occur as well as in the method of block stacking.

Double-Deep Pallet Rack
Method of double deep pallet rack is a variant of the single deep rack that puts two in a single rack space. This method reduces the number of corridor needs, but are vulnerable to "honeycombing", so this method is less efficient than single deep racking. And, it takes a special forklift to be able to take two pallets at once for can place and remove pallets from the rack.

Drive In Rack
Method of drive in rack provides a place 5 to 10, which is a continuation of double deep racking. Line drive ins provide access for a forklift to place or move stock. However, the forklift has limited room for maneuver, and this requires additional time to place or retrieve pallets. This method is similar to the method of block stacking is based on LIFO.

Pallet Flow Rack
Pallet Flow Rack operates by transferring the load from one side to another with a simple conveyor so that the pallet can be moved using FIFO. When a pallet moved, then the next pallet position filled pallet moved. This method is suitable for warehouse shelves that have a high product turnover, but this option is quite expensive.
Push Back Rack
Push back rack is the solution of LIFO in the which pallet loads are placed in storage by using the guide rail. When a pallet is placed in the area, the palette will from encourage other pallets into storage. When a pallet is loaded, then the palette will of shift part of the palette That occupies the place Fetched. This means EACH line of the palette has Enough wiggle room for making pallets. This method is not Suitable for warehouse use requires the FIFO method.
 Cantilever Rack
Models with the concept of "Christmas Tree", cantilever rack, have flexibility in term of storage with the ability to put the product a long, strange and heavy. Iron pieces, pipes, furniture, plywood, sheet metal and Formica are appropriate goods placed on the model cantilever rack. With the continuous rack, cantilever racks suitable for placement of large boxes, furniture, etc.. Cantilever racks usually require the use of a forklift as Side loader, appliance makers special items (Special Order pickers) and trucks with 4-way achievement. (four directional reach trucks).

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