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Material storage process after receiving process (Preparing Procedure)

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When the materials 'we save' or stack or into the storage is usually status 'received', although in some cases the goods we received and we put in is still a 'to be checked' or 'hold' or even 'rejected' or 'condemed'. Starting from the bulky materials such as minerals materials, chemicals up to a mini-sized spare parts should be immediately placed in storage to be neat, safe, and easy access to recorded or in motion, to 'shoot' the process would be some questions such as.

Unloading Process
1. Is the unloading process using special tools? and other supporting facilities?
2. Whether for this process, you use the services of a 3rd party?
3. Is the receiving / unloading carried out on a particular shift? or all of shift?

1. Place as to what material we receive is stored?
2. Is it having a specific address?
3. Who is doing and when the process (2) done?
4. Like what form of 'records' of transactions this store?
5. Do you put a new identity on the goods received, or on a box, bin (container / place)
6. What kind of shape and material sign that your identity include? When and who carry it out?
7. Anyone who can access the data of this store? (Inventory)
8. Are there any documents required by the dept. or other unit or storage in connection with this reception?.

1. When or by how much time do we store goods in the count again?
2. What about the neatness rack, box, bin, in connection with the movement of materials (material movement) in the same place or storage?
3. Is there any document required in the maintenance of this item?
4. Who does the cleaning job at the store?

The answer to the questions above, at least can give us an indication of how likely the system / procedure rearrangement from our warehouse.

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