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Types and Methods of structuring pallets in the Warehouse

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In storage and arrangement of products in the warehouse, there are several ways and methods used by warehouse personnel. Pallets are used in addition serves to facilitate the recording of stock, so that the stored products can also look neater and easier flow of goods LIFO or FIFO that is, a system commonly used by all companies engaged in logistics and warehousing.

  1. Frame Stacking Pallet
  2. Drive In Rack
  3. Block Stacking
  4. Rack Single Deep Pallet
  5. Deep Double Rack
  6. Flow Pallet Rack
  7. Push Back Rack

Stacking Frame Pallet
Pallet stacking frames consist of decks and posts that can be established and removed if necessary. Frame allows stacking several pallets to be stored high and very useful when pallets to be stored are not stackable.
Many companies will use frames to accumulate in the warehouse when they need a temporary squeeze during busy periods. By stacking frames are similar to issues honeycombing block socks.

Drive In Rack
Drive In rack provides five to ten spaces similar to the double load pallets in the racks. Drive-in lane provides access for the forklift to place and remove the stock. But the forklift has a limited space to maneuver and this increases the time needed to place and remove pallets. drive in racks similar to block stacking as LIFO principle is used for making pallets.

Block Stacking
Block stacking refers to the unit loads stacked on top of each other and stored in the warehouse floor in the path or block. Pallets stacked up to a certain height based on several criteria such as the condition of pallets, weight, height clearance and the ability of the warehouse forklift. Palette will be taken from the last block, the first way out (LIFO). It is not possible to issue shares on the basis of date or FIFO. Elimination of the stock may cause honey combing occurred where the empty spaces occur which can not be filled until all blank lines. This method is inexpensive to implement because it does not involve or damage and can be operated in a warehouse with an open floor area.

Single Deep Pallet Rack
Single deep pallet racked provide access to each pallet stored in the rack. This gets around the issues of honeycombing stacking frames and stacking blocks. When a pallet is removed the space is immediately available for a new palette to be placed in that space. This type of squeezing can be configured in several ways with various heights. Most warehouses currently have this type of blackmail is used. The main drawback is that the rack requires significant floor space suitable for the alley.
Double Deep Pallet Rack
Dual in pallet rack is a variant on a single deep rack that combines two single racks are placed together. This will reduce the amount of the required aisle but this kind of blackmail prone honey combing, so it may be inefficient as a single in shelves. In addition to achieving double forklift is required to place and remove pallets from the squeeze.

Pallet Flow Rack
Pallet Flow Rack operate where the load is transferred from one end of the rack on the conveyor that allows the pallet to be removed in FIFO. Once the pallet is removed next move pallets into pallet positions that have been deleted. Solutions suitable for warehouse squeeze that has high throughput, but it is a costly option.

Push Back Rack
Push back rack is the solution LIFO where the load is placed in storage using a carrier rail guide. When the load is placed into the storage load pushing another load back into the storage area. When the load is removed the next load in the way it was moved to another position where the load was removed. This means that each line has a load of shares in the optimum position for removal. Squeeze method may not be suitable for warehouses require FIFO.

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